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Papetti's was founded over 100 years ago on one principle: to meet the needs of every customer. While the brand has grown and diversified in the decades since, that one principle - meeting customers' needs - is still the guiding force today. As a staple in the Michael Foods portfolio, Papetti's is the #1 foodservice brand for value-added eggs. Which means you can find exactly the kind of product - and service - you're looking for.

Value-Added Eggs with Real-World Benefits

Papetti's brand of egg products is a leader in the foodservice and food ingredient industries and valued by customers and consumers across the nation. The product portfolio ranges from Extended Shelf Life Liquid Eggs, to Hard Cooked Eggs, to Precooked Eggs such as patties, omelets and French toast. The Papetti's full line of high-quality and versatile egg products offers unsurpassed food safety, significant time and labor savings, and consistently great taste to operators worldwide.

Papetti's® Easy Eggs®

All Easy Eggs Extended Shelf Life (ESL) liquid eggs are real eggs made convenient and safe and come refrigerated in easy-pour containers. Learn more about Papetti's Easy Eggs.

Papetti's® Table Ready® Eggs

The Table Ready portfolio is a complete line of egg products that go from refrigerator or freezer to plate in almost no time. Learn more about Papetti's Table Ready Eggs.

Papetti's® Better'n Eggs®

Better'n Eggs lets you choose low fat/low cholesterol or no fat/no cholesterol eggs that deliver taste and health benefits to customers, as well as convenience. Learn more about Papetti's Better'n Eggs.

Papetti's® Froze'n Ready® Eggs

Froze'n Ready liquid eggs give you real eggs that are frozen for your convenience. Just thaw, and they're ready for all menu applications that use liquid eggs. Learn more about Papetti's Froze'n Ready Eggs.

Papetti's® Pasteurized Shell Eggs

Papetti's Pasteurized Shell Eggs are safer eggs. Every egg is pasteurized using a thermal process without chemicals, additives or irradiation. These eggs are ideal for all recipes, especially those containing lightly-cooked eggs like salad dressing, cookie dough and Hollandaise sauce. Learn more about Papetti's Pasteurized Shell Eggs.

Michael Foods is Committed to Total Value

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